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Through interviews, our guests share their experiences and their ultimate success in accomplishing whatever goal they set their hearts and minds to.

Real people.

Just like you.

Real stories .

Just the way you like them.

Real Achievement.

Just like it should be.

About us

Aseem Photo

Aseem Giri

Interviewer / Founder

Aseem has over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, private equity investor and investment banker. Aseem now focuses exclusively on Art opportunities, serving as Art Advisor and/or Finance Advisor to Art-related businesses. Aseem has been involved with over twenty companies from a principal investing standpoint. Born in Berlin, Germany and maintains US citizenship.

Julian Au

Producer / Developer

Julian is an entrepreneur with a fascination in media and innovative technologies, and the areas in which they intersect.  He is also passionate about sustainability and runs Sales and Digital Marketing for One World Filter Foundation, the leading solution to address the issue of access to clean water, a worldwide health and public safety concern.  He has spent a significant amount of time in Southeast Asia, managing the finance aspects of hospitality/industrial projects. Born in St. John’s, Canada, and maintains a Canadian citizenship. 

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