Author: Aseem Giri

Painting In The Dark

Rebecca Farr talks about how painting in the dark helped her not be seduced by color.

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The Practical and Blissful Sides of Meditation

Phil Kohn describes how the ‘monkey mind’ initial clunkiness gives way to an unfolding of peace and calm in the silence that he equates to bliss during Vipassana Meditation. 

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What Color is Your Emotion?

Max Josephson talks about his experiences with color and ensconcing himself in color as a means to access a meditative state.

The 5 Stages to Change Our Belief System on Mental Health

Zak Williams, son of late comedian and actor Robin Williams, shares the journey that led him to launch his latest enterprise, designed to help those suffering from anxiety.

Taking A Contemporary Stand Against Age-Old Improprieties

In a fascinating video interview turned podcast, ACHiEVE host, Aseem Giri, chatted with artist Whitney Lynn about an exhibition she did entitled “Girls, Girls, Girls”.

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